🍑 Peachy Keen

Everywhere you look delicious peach surrounds you. Maybe signalling that spring is FINALLY around the corner. Let’s hope to god that’s the case because if not, I’m running away to the Caribbean and this will become a travel blog!

Beauty brands must appreciate this delectable, joyful colour because peach is the must wear shade! And it is versatile for many seasons– I know this because I bought all my peachy items in November and December and they are still on trend today– and I think well into the spring and summer.

ColourPop: Just Peachy Lip Bundle 

img_8815Top to Bottom: Instigator: Ultra Matte Lip; muted peach 🍑 Screenshot: Ultra Satin Lip; deepened peach 🍑 Speed Dial: Ultra Matte Lip; rich peach

My top peach pick is from my personal favourite for all your lippy needs, ColourPop’s Just Peachy Lip bundle. For $15 bucks (USD) it’s a deal worth picking!


Each colour is super complimentary and would be suited for every single skintone because CP chose a neutral nude or brownish base as it’s undertone rather than it looking more coral or pinkish.

The Just Peachy Lip Bundle comes in their signature Ultra Matte (UM) formulas for Instigator and Speed Dial, and their newest formula Satin Matte (SM) for Screenshot. I always prefer the UM formula because I love that one application last all day, I mean that! One and done. lol.

The SM is wonderful too– it’s more moisturizing than UM but with that, it makes it more susceptible to smudging and less long lasting.

And my favourite part…

it is cruelty-free… and furbaby approved


For other 🍑 🍑 🍑 essentials check out:


The Baked Blushes by Milani are highly recommended by every beauty guru on the planet, NOT exaggerating.


Milani described them as richly pigmented and highly buildable, the beautiful matte and shimmery shades of Baked Blush are the perfect cheeky pop of color for every skin tone. I absolutely agree!

Luminous Peach is the shimmery formula but it is earthy and can be worn both day and night. I find mine very complimentary to my caramel skin tone. I top it off with highlighter on the high points of my cheeks for an extra touch of, well… extraness! And for $10! I found mine at Superstore, and I’ve seen it sold at Rexall and online at Well.ca Soooo, excuse me  while I grab every single shade.


Okay, I’m sure you’ve seen this all over IG! It was released on December 26 and was sold out immediately. So I HAD to buy it. It was recently restocked online at Sephora and TooFaced for $59 you can be sweet as a peach with these fresh-picked shades infused with the juicy scent of peach. Create endless looks with 18 shades of peachy pinks, corals, bronzes, and pops of purple.
I haven’t used it yet but I will break it out this weekend!

my peach pickings

Left to Right: Milani Baked Blush Luminoso, CP Just Peachy Lip Bundle and TooFaced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow palette


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Oh Baby, Baby

Queen Bey Is Pregnant With Twins

“blessed two times over”

The queen digitally dropped the amazing news on Instagram. Everyone was instantly like:


A post shared by Cocoa Swatches (@cocoaswatches) on

Posting this now iconic picture (trust me, it is iconic already) with the caption, “We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. – The Carters”

We love all their surprises! Congratulations, Carters!

LuMee: Real or Faux?

If you’re glued to your phone like me you probably carry a portable charger and have a bangin’ phone case.

I caved and ordered the LuMee case– infamously or should I say instafamously popular with youtubers, ig’ers and the K-Dash Krew.


Source: LuMee

If you don’t know about this handy case, here’s a quick fact sheet.

  1. It’s durable and not hideous like those Ottobox atrocities.
  2. It comes in really awesome colours like rose gold, gold, silver and if you’re less flamboyant– black, mint, navy, pink and white too.
  3. And it friggin’ LIGHTS UP allowing to slay your selfie EVERY. SINGLE. TIME

After visiting the LuMee website to learn more, I decided I NEEDED it now. With the low Canadian dollar, ordering it from the website would have been close to $100 CDN when it retails for $55 USD. Deeply sadden by this, I turned to my good pal, Amazon.ca

I found a retailer selling LuMee cases for $40 CDN + $10 shipping, after the normal background check– à la seeing the reviews of the seller, he was at 98% satisfaction, I happily clicked BUY NOW on a gold one.

Lumee loooking gold

My LuMee

After a month and half, I finally received my LuMee! Yeah, it took over 7 weeks to get to me because of a shipping error. I tore open the box and was a bit shocked at the basic packaging and the quality of the instruction manual, however; the case itself was magnificent. It does everything people rave about, it lights up, there is a dimmer option, the logo looks legit and it looks exactly like the one on the official LuMee website.

The packaging. Real or Nah?

Do you guys LuMee? What do you think? Is this real or a really good fake? I ordered gold but mine actually looks more rose gold.

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It seems like collabs are a dime a dozen these days but when boy beauty guru MannyMUA dropped this on the free world, I took one glance, yelled “yassssss bitch” like a basic and counted down to the release date.


It was my first time ordering something from OFRA Cosmetics– so I didn’t know what to expect. The lippies retail for $20 USD each or $50 USD for the set, but there are affiliate codes so you can keep more of your guap. I used the code: MANNYMUA and saved 30%. Fans of MannyMUA will know that Zaddy loves his nude shades but these colours are truly dynamic and worth the money.


TOP TO BOTTOM: hypno, charmed, & aries

The stars of the collabs are these long-lasting, lightweight, highly pigmented liquid lipsticks. Manny spoke highly about how it complimented EVERY single skintone. But I couldn’t find a swatch on my caramel skin. I was really apprehensive of the lightest shade: ARIES because it looked like an incredibly light peach-nude shade, something I have never ventured in.

But guys, it is amazing! No joke. The colours really do compliment many skintones (search it on IG and see).

I pair ARIES with Annabelle 305: Metallic Lipliner in Nude Lustre to give it a bit of an ombre blend along the edges of my lip.

I knew I would love the other two lippies in the collab because, well, my gosh, look at them!


CHARMED: is a versatile nude mauve with a pink tone. It could even be a dupe of the original Lolita shade by Kat Von D– which is iconic in the beauty realm.

HYPNO: is the darkest shade in the bunch and is a dark neutral burgundy–  if that’s even a thing. OFRA describes it as Vampy but I think it is very wearable for anytime of the day or night.

JPEG image-41BA58DFE84D-1


🌙 These lovelies are part of OFRA’s permanent collection and can be scooped up online anytime.


And if you don’t know who MannyMUA is– you’re missing out. Check him out below.

Chocolate Mania 🍫🍫🍫



Hot chocolate isn’t just for the cold days anymore– it is the hottest lip trend for the spring, and I for one am super excited about it!

I wanted to focus on the lipsticks we could readily access in Calgary (and throughout Canada) for two reasons– 1. our dollar kinda sucks right now and 2. I am kinda impatient and impulsive with online orders. I do have one exception here, which is Limbo by Colourpop. It has become a cult classic and a dupe for many high-end products.

With that, let’s jump right into this delectable list.

Limbo by ColourPop ($8 CDN)

Limbo by ColourPop

ColourPop is AH-MAZE-ZEE-OOHN-NAYS! The logo on the bottle never lasts very long but don’t be fooled! Man oh man, CP’s ultra matte is long lasting, highly pigmented and affordable! Shipping is $20, and once you get passed the phase where all you can think about is what you could buy with that moola, it is quite worth it! I think the longest I’ve waited for my package is 8 days. But totally worth it, and they are always on trend. I really, really love this formula! Wear it and expect compliments. Limbo is a deep, rich, warm brown.

Dirty Talk by NYX Cosmetics ($9)

dirty talkLadies (move). Gentlemen (move). Somebody ring the alarm. There’s a fire in the room… Let’s get dirrty! LOL, let’s get that out of our heads and focus on Dirty Talk by NYX. This was the first brown lipstick I could find at the drugstores that is cruelty-free. I found it a few months ago and have worn it a few times. It’s not a matte but it’s really pigmented and has a lush colour. CONS: it’s not a long-lasting formula. But as a lipstick, it is very moisturizing not sticky but I probably wouldn’t purchase it again because I want long-term wearability.

Berlin by NYX Cosmetics  ($10)



You won’t be saying Auf Wiedersehen* to the Berlin soft matte lip cream (SMLC) anytime soon. I literally went to six, SIX!!!, drugstores in search of this lippie. It’s pretty new to the SMLC lineup, and I am happy with it but you will have to apply it multiple times to get a good colour payoff and you will have to reapply often. If you’re looking for a wearable shade but you’re not ready to take the cocoa plunge then this is the one for you. Berlin is a nice nude-brown matte shade.

*goodbye– in German.

Naughty by Nature: Melted Matte by Too Faced ($25)

naughty by nature

SPLURGE ALERT! I am in love, over the moon, in love with the Melted Matte Liquid Lipsticks by Too Faced. The formula is magnificent! It’s pigmented. It’s a dark milk chocolate matte but it’s not super drying. It lasts fairly long with the occasional touch-up between eating and smooching (probably 😉) . I am down with it, (get it? OPP?… nvm… ) This is my favourite and I will definitely buy it again.


The Swatch!

L to R: Limbo, Naughty by Nature, Dirty Talk and Berlin with flash

L to R: Limbo, Naughty by Nature, Dirty Talk and Berlin without flash

Dream Product To Try or Buy!

I wanna try this so bad!

Dominatrix By Jeffree Star ($18 USD)

*in Jeffery Star’s voice* Oh hi Dominatrix! I need you. Canadian dollar, please get better soon because I need like 8-10 shades from Jeffree Star Cosmetics!


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Happy New Year!


I know I have been a bit a lot MIA the past few weeks, but 2016 is already looking up. I can’t wait to share my new journey with you. I look forward to 2016 so bad.

I start a new job at a News Station, I bought the Sony a5000, I completed a baking class, I am going to continue to write my sitcom and blog more often.

Let’s go! Let’s get it done!!

Minis to Yessiree!

Cruelty-Free Must Haves.

As I converted my makeup to animal-friendly products, I didn’t realize that there was going to be so many options to choose from. If you’re like me–a creature of habit, it can be intimating to find the perfect furbaby loving options, but thankfully many products come in a variety of different sizes and even samples. These are some of my favourite products that’s worth the upsize!

L to R: TooFaced: Better Than Sex Mascara, Urban Decay: All Nighter Setting Spray, Lush Cosmetics: Angels on Bareskin Cleanser and Tarte: Tarteguard Facial Moisturizer

LUSH: Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser

Retails for: $13.95 – $33.95

I really wished I knew about LUSH Cosmetics when I was a pimply high-schooler because this cleanser is a wonder in a jar! It cleared, toned and gave my skin a fresh life.

With a five-star rating on LUSH’s website, it is no wonder why this vegan cleanser is one of best on the shelf, if not THE BEST cleanser in the game.

Made from a Kaolin Clay base with finely ground almonds and lavender flowers to create the perfect balancing exfoliate scrub. Gentle but highly effective, Angels on Bare Skin will leave your skin feeling like an angel baby’s bottom.

TARTE: Tarteguard 30 Sunscreen Lotion

Retails for $38

This lotion is love! I was semi-discouraged by the price. At almost forty dollars for 50 ml, I wasn’t expecting to add this to my daily routine. But after getting a sample from Sephora for 100 beauty points, I must say I absolutely love Tarteguard.

This non-chemical cream is really lightweight and moisturizing. After using it for about ten days, I noticed my skin feeling refresh and truly younger-looking (not to sound like a commercial, but it’s true.)

This formula is also infused with maracuja, red algae, soybean, apple, and honeysuckle extracts to nourish, tone, and retain moisture. And it is even recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation for daily use.

Tarteguard definitely lives up to the hype and is totally added in my daily routine because ain’t nobody got time to get premature wrinkles!

Urban Decay: All Nighter Setting Spray

Retails for $15-36

The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is so effective that it feels like it should be a urban legend.

If you’re a glamazon, you’re probably familiar with this miracle spray. The UD: All Nighter allows your facial artistry to exist throughout the day and night. In laymen’s terms, this keeps your makeup on all night, as the name suggests.

I took a trip to Mexico recently and used All Nighter for any and all makeup looks, and I am so happy to announce that my makeup survived through the 38º heatwaves, late-night parties and trips to the beach.

Use the all-nighter to keep that highlighter on fleek and to give face all the live-long day. Extremely worth the dollars spent.

Too Faced: Better Than Sex Mascara

Retails for $30

OOOOooo, baby! This is the BEST mascara. Looking to add volume? This will do it for you. Looking to add length? Yup, does it too. Looking to rock your world? Certainly does the damn thing, I mean, if you like that makeup life!

Better Than Sex Mascara is a cult favourite amongst YouTubers, and sometimes it is hard to know whether your favourite makeup gurus are faking their enthusiasm for products because they get so many things for free. Again, I was apprehensive to try this because of the price and because I didn’t know if I could believe all the great things I heard about it. But people! This lives up to all the rumours!

I really enjoyed writing this post. I will definitely be doing another one soon. Leave me your comments below of your fave cruelty-free beauty products. And follow me on Instagram for fun 🙂